FOLLOWING THE YELLOW HUE BRICK HIGHWAY I spent some time today surfing. Not at the seaside (I never learned to help surf once living around the Gulf for over 30 years). I was surfing around doing some ‚follow the yellow hue brick road‘ path. I enjoy call it all that mainly because one hyperlink, leads to another, leads to an additional and you it is worth it to find an Emerald City at the end! That is the great thing with regards to following a link: you never discover where they might take everyone and what travels you will have in the process.

These are the very jewels I came across today. We couldn’t allow but pass them alongside to all this is my parent followers (and enthusiasts! ):
This is an amazing blog for college or university planning. Really interactive and also tons of enjoyable. It’s not your own personal typical uninteresting college website. It’s a interesting place to start the very search for middle section schoolers through schedules together with tips completely high school. Whaz up men and dudettes… check this 1 out! (I know I’m not waist but My partner and i try)
Amaze. This is NOT your avearage university tour web-site. This one has got moxy but some genuine off the wall creativity. There are actually video adventures that COARSE, a message mother board, cool 3-D maps, video game titles, career movies and different ways to connect with additional college students. Follow through one away and get in the ‚mood pertaining to college‘!
I had to be able to plop one out of just for parents. This is the IDEAL, I mentioned BEST, webpage for all that you receive with it want to know pertaining to financing in which college knowledge but was afraid might. Remember guys: DENIAL is NOT a waterway in Egypt. Knowledge is certainly power. The greater you know the larger prepared you will be. So calm down and bounce in!
As my very own daughter would likely say… ‚cool beans‘. This is a site to select from and be located by organisations, scholarships as well as other college packages. A GREAT mlm site along with a place to link and set up an online presence.
This url is Twitterific! Yes, Used to do say that. Remain in line with college lifestyle on Twitter: students, educational facilities, faculty, club sets, and more. Stay abreast of of the most up-to-date college and student news via each of the great Tweets links. Plus, there’s a way to ‚follow all‘ for anybody who is so held. Whew… I’ll just follow… EVERYONE!


No ‚yellow brick road‘ search could well be complete with out unearthing any scholarship. And this also one is a terrific one. That is the way you sign in win… Give a creation that stock shares with us what you need to achieve on your personal along with professional living after college. Your obtain can be a take pictures, collage, poetry, drawing, piece of art, graphic design article, short inputted explanation, or anything YOU can establish in an graphic! Your obtain should speak: This is how I just ‚Frame This Future. ‚

That ends up my try to find today. In my opinion I can properly say I ran across the ‚Emerald City‘ because every one of all those links may take your teen more close to their even think of a college training.


If you are planning to help your child with the university decision process, you are not solely. According to a write-up on TodaysCampus. com through Joe Dysart:

All types of parents (90 percent) searching colleges and universities with regard to their kids tend to be turning to cyberspace for information, in accordance with a recent survey from a amount of market research groupings.

Of the surveyed parents, 82 percent reported they plan to play any pivotal purpose in helping youngsters make the concluding decision about institution. Only seventeen percent reported they will give their child to make that decision on their own.

Cyberspace is filled with information linked to the college final decision process. It is crucial to know locating it and the way to sift through all the info to utilize what exactly is most handy. My Mother and father Countdown to varsity Toolkit sends you to the proper websites and offer you all the information you need to engage in a vital role in assisting your teen face the final decision regarding college.


If your young adult is an common student, you might be thinking that locality college or a local small-scale state university is their only method. But , in truth, there are some choices you might give some thought to.

According to the latest seminar around the National Affiliation for Faculty Admission Guidance,

You can find application tactics that can help… Some formidable colleges are searhing for more regional diversity, all of which will consider pupils with sluggish grades when from yet another part of the place. Students having weak consistent test ratings should also think of colleges wheresoever SAT and also ACT standing are recommended. (A listing can be found at

Students should request a meeting at universities that may necessarily require them, of showing character levels that transcripts and GPA’s don’t reflect.

One faculty counselor suggested applying mid-year, when admission are less demanding than in the actual high-pressure slip. Another encouraged looking for schools with pre-admission programs to relieve students in to the college these plan to go.

Of course , all consultants recommend that concentrating on00 grades premature in your teen’s high school job will ensure a lot more college alternatives. But if your adolescent is already within their senior time and there is virtually no time to fix their GPA, there are continually application tactics that can help.

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