I would ike to have the ability to shake hands/kiss people/act normal immediately after cunning

I would ike to have the ability to shake hands/kiss people/act normal immediately after cunning

What is with all the current hostility? He asked concern, he deserves a response.

I believe the scent might be lingering in just your nose. It hangs around here and you also constantly smell it, whereas other folks will not. Often washing your nose with detergent might help be rid from it. posted by god particle at 9:07 PM on November 20, 2008

We really question that a standard, healthier vagina would harbor an aroma powerful adequate to linger you for several days despite your efforts at washing. Is it feasible you are imagining that the scent continues to be here as you’re harboring some emotions of embarrassment/guilt/shame about doing sex that is oral? Maybe you had been raised to think that intercourse had been „dirty,“ etc. because you especially talked about your moms and dads, i believe you are developing a worry-inducing scenario in your thoughts. It is the classic „OMG, i have done something naughty and everyone else will understand!“ thing.

As a part note: if you are been performing dental intercourse on unhealthy vaginas (in other terms. if there is really a smell that’s lingering for days), you (along with your partner) may want to see a medical expert. posted by amyms at 9:21 PM on November 20, 2008 4 favorites|20, 2008 4 favorites november

You can gently declare that she make an effort to enhance her grooming practices down there.

There is not much that „grooming habits“ can do to alter the fragrance of genitalia — most certainly not towards the level that it might avoid an smell („aroma“) from being left out on someone. The notions about „feminine cleanliness“ and „feeling nice and clean Down There“ are only there to produce females feel bad about their very own components. Unless, as amyms has mentioned, this is certainly A vagina that is unhealthy’re currently doing everything you can. posted by rossination at 9:26 PM on November 20, 2008 11 favorites

alcohol works pretty well. while consuming several, splash some on the face & around the mouth area. it is not only a cleanser that is decent its odor may also assist mask one other lingering odours that are concerning you.

for additional masking energy, you might smoke cigarettes a smoke or cigar following the work, if you do not do this currently.

disclaimer: I really do not advise anyone to use up cigarette smoking published by UbuRoivas at 9:31 PM on November 20, 2008

All around, I suggest the following as a woman who has been on both ends of this scenario, with healthy vaginas

When you have hair on your face, shampoo it. Besides that, wash well into the bath, including in your nose. You’d perhaps not think the quantity of. let us call it normal lubrication that are certain to get within your nose when you are actually, you understand, enthusiastic.

Fundamentally, we concur with people who state it is in your nose. You smell it a lot more pungently than the others do. If you are actually concerned, slap on a little bit of aftershave or something like that and it will mask it whenever you kiss your mom. published by bedhead at 9:44 PM on November 20, 2008

You are able to just just take a far more approach that is rigorous, if you would like. First, make sure the fragrance can certainly be sensed by other individuals. While the girl you have been down on if kissing you evokes the scent of vagina. Simulate a paternal kiss. Naturally, you need to test this out a couple of hours after getting the vagina smell.

When you yourself have a band of buddies or acquaintances that are more comfortable with smelling you closely, i might then suggest that you test your smell out to them. See when they notice vagina in close proximity, at a hand shaking distance, plus in a setting that is normal. Repeat this in 2 parts: when where there they are anticipating it, and another time where they are maybe perhaps maybe not. That is not to express you really need to spring it one these close buddies without very first informing them. I am just saying at some time in the future with vaginal sent upon your face and that you will be asking if they can detect it that you(after their agreement) will be around them.

When you can make sure you do in fact smell strongly even after a couple of days, you can start trying out different ways to getting rid of this fragrance. Essentially make an attempt each recommendation posted right right here before you find an optimal solution. Yet again, make an attempt each recommendation utilizing the woman you have been down on foreign ladies for marriage, after which with a collection of buddies or acquaintances when you look at the manner that is same outlined for testing the fragrance without any efforts at removal/masking. This is actually the way that is only can be certain you do not smell. Many people aren’t in order indiscreet as to proclaim that the smell is like person who has simply performed cunnilingus. published by Mister Cheese at 10:41 PM on November 20, 2008 1 favorite|20, 2008 1 favorite november

Purchase some facial cleansing pads with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has a stronger, clean fragrance and it’ll dry out/neutralize any perspiration that is chilling out on your own face.

(Although, like everyone, i am confident it is all in your mind. The odor of the healthier vagina isn’t THAT strong. your mother and father would need to be searching because of it to note it, even although you did not head to great lengths to scrub see your face.) published by arianell at 10:48 PM on November 20, 2008

Nthing that you need to shower/wash once you can, as well as your nose. Utilize loads of soap, plus one scented if you need to. In the event that odor still lingers, take to some distilled vinegar that is white at every food store) cut with water, which will be really great at getting rid of smells, and also at the lowest will probably mask the odor for you personally. The tea tree oil pads are not a bad suggestion either.

Having said that, the smell frequently will likely not linger for several days, and so I concur with those that say it is most likely in your nose and that you’re unlucky sufficient to smell it much more pungently than the others do. published by gudrun at 11:41 PM on November 20, 2008

A few days? Even though you don’t wash at all, this might surprise me personally.

Can you have a tendency to notice scents a lot more than other individuals appear to? If that’s the case, it’s likely you have a promising job in the perfume industry! published by HFSH at 5:10 AM on November 21, 2008 1 favorite|21, 2008 1 favorite november

PS. Your mother and father are most likely carrying this out to. Did you ever notice?

Think about it this method, OP — perhaps you have in your life come right into casual experience of somebody, like consuming supper or riding on the bus and idea, oh, see your face’s face has the aroma of vagina? No? just because a great deal of men and women are consuming pussy of course it absolutely was something that stuck in your face no-one could go anywhere without smelling it. published by sugarfish at 5:58 AM on November 21, 2008 3 favorites|21, 2008 3 favorites november

Jenny is Crafty writes „get some type of detergent that features patchouli inside it“

No. That scent, even yet in tiny doses, is sufficient to gag half the individuals you pass on the street, and god forbid anybody get caught in a elevator to you as well as your hippie stink oil odor.

Vag smell doesn’t linger for several days, monkey85. If it will, there is something very wrong down there. Never worry a great deal about any of it. Just wash up, and unless anybody claims to you personally „damn, you smell just like a vagina“ you can easily assume that it is all in your mind (or simply nose?)

Either that or everybody else you meet is truly, actually courteous. Probability of which are small. posted by caution frogs that are live 6:47 AM on November 21, 2008

Agreeing using the multitudes so it can not be smelled by other people after normal washing. We cannot smell it back at my spouse following the known reality, and i am nearer to him than other people. It isn’t like i am familiar with smelling that section of myself, and so I’d certainly notice. Their normal „aftercare“ routine is merely mouthwash and splashing water on their face.

YOUR smell is going to be stronger it“landed. than hers following the fact, therefore I’d become more concerned with washing off/covering up anything you’ve produced, according to where“ I’m able to surely smell that on him if it, state, landed on their belly. I’m therefore happy he never ever asked my username. In the event that you ejaculated, you are taking a bath, duration. In her, you both take a shower if you ejaculated on or. Done.

Then i can maybe see your concern, but a vigorous brushing of teeth, mouthwash, and scented facial soap should also take care of that if you’re going down on her after you’ve ejaculated inside her. published by desjardins at 8:59 have always been on November 21, 2008

As both a vagina owner and a vagina enthusiast, i could confidently say that in the event that you’ve showered/washed the hands, nobody else can smell the vag for you.

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