DraftKings Sportsbook has opted to run a gigantic NFL choices contest in New Jersey using a $1 million guaranteed prize pool beginning Sept. 29.
The DraftKings Super Pool competition appears to be an early- to – NJ sports betting variant of this Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest.
A $ 1,500 entry fee is featured by the SuperContest and requests rivals to make five choices against the spread each week.
That’s not the case for this New Jersey Super Pool competition. Here’s more:
It costs only $500 to go into the DraftKings Super Pool, also it will not begin until Week 4 of the NFL regular season.
In addition, instead of five picks against the spread each week, DraftKings Super Pool competitions can select as many matches against the spread each week, since they enjoy.
However, every participant’s total must add up to 70 games at the end of Week 17. That means no weekly select requirements, only 70 picks total.
Such as the SuperContest, DraftKings Super Pool will feature escalating payouts. The top 149 finishers promising money of at least $ 1,000 to the 149th-place finisher will be paid by the DraftKings Super Pool.
The $1 million guaranteed prize pool is only the beginning. A guaranteed $250,000 first prize is . In addition, DraftKings guarantees all prizes and the prize pool will be even bigger if surpass $1 million.
The first-place will equal 25% of the prize pool. Second gets 15% and collects 10%.
Every user can enter the DraftKings Super Pool up .
Of course, you must be 21 or older, inside New Jersey, and a DraftKings Sportsbook account holder to input. You’ve got to create certain you’re in New Jersey enough make 70 selections prior to the end of Week 17 and to log in to your account.
The NFL’s Week 17 features 16 matches all on Sunday, Dec. 29.
This is not the very first example of a sportsbook pool at DraftKings to be certain.?? This past year, DraftKings started its pools contests.
In the November 2018 launch, DraftKings explained that the new product“will provide the chance to bet on matches like those often enjoyed among colleagues in workplace pools, offering fans a more casual option to browsing odds and point spreads.“
The contest comprised a $20 entrance fee and a minimum of prize pool. There were other pools since then. However, this DraftKings Super Pool extends above and beyond the contest.
And all it requires is your DraftKings Sportsbook account along with your feet inside state lines.
Getting a DraftKings Sportsbook account holder could not be any easier.
Click on this exclusive DraftKings Sportsbook link to begin. Then, you’ll be ready to sign up for the DraftKings Super Pool in a matter of minutes, and follow these four simple steps:
After that, simply download the DraftKings Sportsbook program for your mobile device or visit the homepage on your own PC. Log in with the information you supplied.
As soon as you’re in, you can fund your account in ways that are various. Navigate through the available pools on DraftKings Sportsbook till you Find the DraftKings Super Pool.
Of course are eligible for a sign-up bonus.
The first is $25 in free bets just for signing up. DraftKings hands you the stakes in increments for a total of five bets that are $ 5 that are complimentary.
In addition to this, DraftKings may fit 50% of the deposit up to $500.
In the end, DraftKings will provide you your first bet up to 200 risk-free. That means in case you win, then you win. DraftKings will provide you website credit of up to $200 to try again, if you drop.
And needless to say, there is just a $1 million prize pool and also an NFL contest.

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