Aaron Donald On Track To Win Third NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award In A Row

Sometimes what can get lost in the National Football League is a good defensive player can be. A lineman that may blow up a drama , a shutdown cornerback to take a teams top receiver or a linebacker that may cover the entire area sideline to sideline .
Well, the art of defense isnt lost with online sportsbooks, whove released their odds for and a single player stands out like a man among boys.
Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald is your betting popular at +200 to acquire the award that is DPOY according to BetOnline. Donald has won the award in 2018 and 2017 and it is logical for him to return on peak of the list.
After Donald on the oddsboard is the Bears Khalil Mack (+400), Texans JJ Watt (+700), Broncos Von Miller (+1000), Chargers Joey Bosa (+2000), Browns Myles Garrett (+2200), Cowboys Demarcus Lawrence (+2500), Cardinals Chandler Jones (+3300), Colts Darius Leonard (+3300) and also Cowboys Leighton Vander Esch (+3300) to round out the top 10 alternatives.
Notching 31.5 sacks and nine forced fumbles over the last two seasons, it should not be a shock to see Aaron Donald as the preseason favorite to win the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award. Donald has been a terrorist that is to opposing offenses because he came to the league at 2014 and I fully expect him to become in 2019.
Donalds stature as a tackle could be what creates his feats all that impressive. According to the NFL, the normal height and weight to get a defensive handle is around 63 and 310 lbs and also Donald clocks in around 61 280. Strength and his pace is really a nightmare for opposing offensive lineman and in age 28, hes in the center of the prime.
My only concern with choosing a +200 preferred for this sort of award would be injury risk and track record. No participant since 1971 (when the award was created) has ever won this award three seasons in a row and also using the Associated Press performing the??voting, so they might gravitate to a participant with all thebetter narrative.
Donald has yet to miss a match in his career because of injury and at the game of soccer, autumn or one lousy hit could blow your wager off. I would suggest looking at other alternatives with more value although I wouldnt hate a bet on Donald.
The following candidate on this oddsboard and the participant that was very close to winning this award at 2018 will be Khalil Mack in +400. The sixth-year linebacker also had his fingerprints all and was similar to electrical dynamite together with the Chicago Bears in 2018. In just 14 games last year, Mack had 12.5 sacks and six forced fumbles and helped spearhead a defense that was third in the NFL in sacks, first in interceptions and defensive touchdowns.
Id Mack winning the award in 2018 until that prediction went up in smoke and then nearer to the end of the season but then the record broke for most sacks by a defensive speech. I believe that the Bears defense is going to be just as fantastic if they finish using double-digit wins and as they were last year, it is going to be because of the defense.
QB Mitch Trubisky has not shown itll probably place the Bears to keep the opposition at bay and he can carry the crime. Three in 2019 of Chicagos first five matches are contrary to offenses from the 2018 year so we could see Mack and company rack up a few stats that are enormous.
I have very higher regard for end Myles Garrett although I understand some people will think I am crazy to lay money on a Cleveland Browns player. The prior No.1-overall pick will probably be entering his third season at the NFL and he improved leaps and bounds in year 1 to year 2.
Garrett led the Browns with 13.5 sacks in 2018 and with Clevelands roster overhaulthat he is in a place to get to 20 or even more this year. The Browns added DT Sheldon Richardson and DE Olivier Vernon to run with Garrett and the 23-year-old cant be only double or triple teamed by groups such as they did.
Garrett presents the ideal upside at +2200 winning, especially for this type of award by having better teammates as well as the Browns uptick from the standings.
If bettors are looking at other longshots with large ceilings, my other two suggestions would be Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner (+4000) or Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark (+5000).
Wagner has been the model for a linebacker because he contains over 80 solo tackles in each of his three years with the Seahawks and entered the team. I high about the Seahawks this season and if the team concludes with double-digit wins, Wagner is going to be a reason for that success.
In terms of Clark, this can be quite scenario as he has an opportunity to create an immediate impact on a Chiefs defense that was below average in 2018. Clark has 33 sacks on his last few seasons however, the Chiefs were among the worst pass defenses in the league and also strain on the quarterback could help offset the secondary that is poor.
Curious at BetOnline as of August 12

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