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Test Packages & Pricing

Donnerstag, Februar 13th, 2020

Test Packages & Pricing

We have been a state-of-the-art laboratory that delivers consistent and honest outcomes, quickly and economically

The Self-esteem Analytics Label Guarantees:

    Items are tested under reproducible techniques An easy-to-understand yet scientifically-based report associated with methods done Customer confidence that items are legal and safe with accurate chemical and microbiological analysis

Compliance Test Packages

Cutting-edge analytical services for manufacturing and item sourcing with true quality assurance, documents and scientific integrity.

Flower & Concentrate Package Prices

Making use of complex procedures for test planning, the laboratory has the capacity to recognize the % structure and differentiate between active and inactive types of cannabinoids present in a good sample that is small.

Green Plant Material (GPM) Dried Flower, Trim, Hash, Kief, Rosin, and Prerolls. Undried GPM is certainly not accepted

Package Includes:

Cannabino >Mycotoxins Microbial/Aw

Solvent Extract cbd oil Shatter, Distillate, Waxes, etc.

Package Includes:

Cannabino >Mycotoxins Res >Turnaround: 3-10 times. Sample Size: 2g

Include > that is pestic

Package Includes:

Applicable Compliance Tests Pestic >Total Price Just $190!

‚Tested With Conf >

Package Includes:

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